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An high-performance, enterprise-level streaming media service framework based on C++11.

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Cross-platform streaming media solution for mobile and embedded systems.

Versatile Protocol Support

Developed with C++11, avoiding the use of raw pointers, providing stable and reliable code with superior performance

Supports multiple protocols

Supports multiple protocols(RTSP/RTMP/HLS/HTTP-FLV/WebSocket-FLV/GB28181/HTTP-TS/WebSocket-TS/HTTP-fMP4/WebSocket-fMP4/MP4/WebRTC), and protocol conversion

High Concurrency and Performance

Developed with multiplexing/multithreading/asynchronous network IO models, providing excellent concurrency performance and supporting massive client connections.

Proven Stability and Production Usage

The code has undergone extensive stability and performance testing, and has been extensively used in production environments.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Supports all major platforms, including linux, macos, ios, android, and windows.

Multiple Instruction Set Platforms

Supports multiple instruction set platforms, such as x86, arm, risc-v, mips, Loongson, and Shenwei.

Ultra-Fast Startup and Low Latency

Provides ultra-fast startup, extremely low latency (within 500 milliseconds, and can be as low as 100 milliseconds), and excellent user experience.

C API for Integration

Provides a comprehensive standard C API that can be used as an SDK or called by other languages.

Complete MediaServer Solution

Provides a complete MediaServer server, which can be deployed directly as a commercial server without additional development.

RESTful API and Web Hook

Provides a complete restful api and web hook, supporting rich business logic.

Bridging Video Surveillance

Bridges the video surveillance protocol stack and the live streaming protocol stack, and provides comprehensive support for RTSP/RTMP.

Full Support for Codecs

Fully supports H265/H264/AAC/G711/OPUS.

Advanced Functionality

Provides complete functions, including clustering, on-demand protocol conversion, on-demand push/pull streams, playback before publishing, and continuous publishing after disconnection.

Ultimate Performance and Scalability

Provides ultimate performance, supporting 10W-level players on a single machine and 100Gb/s-level IO bandwidth capability.

Exclusive Features

Fully supports IPv6 networks and provides ultimate user experience with exclusive features.