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ZLMediaKitAbout 2 min

Special Thanks

This project uses the media-serveropen in new window library developed by Lao Chenopen in new window. The reuse and de-multiplexing of ts/fmp4/mp4/ps container formats in this project depend on the media-server library. Lao Chen has provided invaluable help and support multiple times in implementing many functions of this project, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to him!


Thanks to all those who have supported this project in various ways, including but not limited to code contributions, problem feedback, and donations. The following list is not in any particular order:

老陈open in new windowGemfieldopen in new window南冠彤open in new window凹凸慢open in new windowchenxiaoleiopen in new window史前小虫open in new window清涩绿茶open in new window3503207480open in new windowDroidChowopen in new window阿塞open in new window火宣open in new windowγ 瑞 γ ミopen in new windowlinkingvisionopen in new window茄子open in new window好心情浮沉open in new windowXiaofeng Wangopen in new windowdoodoocoderopen in new windowqingciopen in new windowswwheiheiopen in new windowKKKKK5Gopen in new windowZhou WeiminJim Jinopen in new window西瓜丶MingZhuLiuopen in new windowchengxiaoshengopen in new windowbig pandatanningzhongopen in new windowhctym1995open in new windowhewenyuanopen in new windowsunhuimirsKevin ChengLiu Jiangalongopen in new windowqingcilyg1949zhlong大裤衩droid.chow陈晓林open in new windowCharleyWangHZopen in new windowJohnnyopen in new windowDoubleX69open in new windowlawrencehjopen in new windowyangkunXinghua Zhaohejilinopen in new windowrqb500open in new windowAlexopen in new windowDw9open in new window明月惊鹊cgmhejilinalexliyu7352cgmhaorui wangopen in new windowjoshuafcJayChen0519open in new windowzxwangckerWuPengstarryopen in new windowmtdxcopen in new window胡刚风open in new windowzhao85open in new windowdreamisdreamopen in new windowdingcanopen in new windowHaibo Chenopen in new windowLeonopen in new windowcustompalopen in new windowPioLingopen in new windowKevinZangopen in new windowgongluckopen in new windowa-ucontrolopen in new windowTalusLopen in new windowahaooahazopen in new windowTempoTianopen in new windowDerek Liuopen in new windowljx0305open in new window朱如洪 open in new windowlijinopen in new windowPioLingopen in new windowBackT0TheFutureopen in new windowperaraopen in new windowcodeRATnyopen in new windowdengjfzhopen in new window百鸣open in new windowfruit Juiceopen in new windowtbagoopen in new windowLuoshopen in new windowlinxiaoyan87open in new windowwakenopen in new windowDeepslientopen in new window

Also thank to JetBrains for their support for open source project, we developed and debugged zlmediakit with CLion:

JetBrainsopen in new window