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Why is it not recommended to consult questions via QQ private chat?

ZLMediaKitLess than 1 minute

  1. Private chat on QQ is difficult to trace and organize, making it hard to form documentation. There are often repetitive questions, which do not benefit the project.

  2. The efficiency of communication on QQ is actually quite low. Although it allows for timely responses, the threshold for asking questions is too low. Questioners often need the respondent's progressive guidance to clarify their questions, which wastes a lot of time.

  3. Private chat messages on QQ are not timely and often interrupt the respondent's current work process. In contrast, GitHub issues can be handled in a unified manner, saving more time.

  4. Other users cannot participate in answering questions through private chat on QQ, and others cannot see the questions and answers. This is not conducive to divergent thinking and knowledge dissemination.

Private chat for technical consultations is generally only accepted from the following individuals with selfless friendship relationships:

  1. Those who have submitted pull requests or other forms of code contributions.
  2. Those who have open-sourced projects based on ZLMediaKit.
  3. Those who have actively answered related technical questions in QQ groups or issues.
  4. Those who have shared self-written ZLMediaKit-related documents.
  5. Those who have sponsored the ZLMediaKit project or the author.
  6. Those who have made any contributions to the development and promotion of ZLMediaKit.